In line with the centuries old tradition of VENERIE, I have implemented the principles and practices as defined by the Art of Hunting with Hounds, which sets out a template for construction and handling of a pack of hounds with great emphasis on aged scent tracking ability, identification of individual strengths, communication between hounds, discipline and target specificity.
This, coupled with some of the traits found in the American dry ground hound like persistence, heat tolerance, ‘treeing’ awareness and working endurance, have directed me to a course of breeding selection and pack composition that results in a complete team very capable of consistently tracking and bringing to bay the elusive leopard .

Add some unique South African hunting culture and enter into our wonderfully diverse habitats and the result is a superb hunting experience far and above the simple acquisition of a trophy.

My goal is to stay aligned with current Leopard conservation principles of harvesting the most ecological sound individual, which remains according to all current research, the large mature male.

For all the blessings that have steered my life path I am thankful to God.